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June, 25 – Day of the Seafarer!

Dear Friends!

Please, accept our warmest congratulations on the Seafarer’s day!

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) decided to designate June 25th as the International Day of the Seafarer in 2010. It’s now been 4 years since we started looking at this summer day as at the opportunity to praise those brave wonderful people who love sea so much!

Our great thanks to seafarers for their contribution!

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Congratulations on Victory Day!

Dear Friends!

Let us congratulate you with a great holiday of glory, heroism and bravery, with the Victory Day! This is the day to pay the tribute to those who fought for peaceful sky over our heads, sacrificing life on the path to the Victory, defending the Future.

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U-Boat goes shopping: Triton 3300 is to arrive soon!

U-Boat has recently come back from the trip to “Triton Submarines” – an American-based company, one of the global leaders in deep diving submersible engineering.

U-Boat representatives headed off too Florida in their search for a new first-rate bathyscaph to join the Sea Explorer 5 aboard the Navigator. And they did reach the target: in a while the brand new Triton 3300 will be brought to Malta.

The Triton 3300/3 is the most popular company’s submersible, according to its specialists…

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‘The Convoy’ project: bringing history to life

U-Boat will participate in a new cinematic project. ‘The Convoy’ story which is officially known as ‘Operation Pedestal’ will draw a picture of dramatic events, which took place in 1942, in the midth of World War II.

“This will be primarily a documentary about making a documentary. It will narrate the expedition to trace the historical aspects of this amazing journey, – explains the idea of the project Peter Bussuttil, a well-known Maltese cinematographer and a member of creative team. Two stories will interwine to combine an compelling and exciting story…

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The trip to Galápagos

September, 2013. U-Boat Navigator visited the Galápagos Islands – an archipelago of volcanic islands, scattered in both the northern and southern hemispheres in the Pacific Ocean.

The territory (18 main islands, 3 smaller ones, 107 rocks and islets) belongs to Ecuador, they are situated 926 km away from its continental part.

The Galápagos Islands and their surrounding waters are known to be an Ecuadorian province – a national park and a biological marine reserve…

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U-Boat Navigator hosts “The Adventurers”

The fall of 2013 metamorphosed for the U-Boat into a cinematographic workshop. The capacities of the ship were used as a base for underwater shootings of a new Russian blockbuster ‘The Adventurers’ with renowned Konstantin Khabensky as a featured actor. The world premiere of the movie is scheduled for April, 17. In Russia ‘The Adventurers’ go into the cinemas a week earlier.

Malta, a shooting stage for the movie, is a universally acknowledged paradise for the masters of motion picture industry…

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The “Britannic” experience

August, 2013. U-Boat Navigator expedition sets off for the Greek shores, where the legendary “HMHS Britannic” has been lying since the catastrophe in 1916.

Organizational issues for professionals, dreaming about the visit to “Britannic”, make an impressive piece of work. On one hand, there’s a vast range of license and permit questions to take care about. On the other, divers have to make sure they’ve mastered their skills to perfection in order to handle the works under conditions of serious depth and in complete darkness…

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May 2013: visiting “Polynesia”

May, 2013. U-Boat Navigator heads to the spot, where a French container ship “Polynesia” went down to the bottom in a distant 1918. The crew mapped out a plan to work out the immersions before going to visit the legendary “Britannic”.

“Polynesia” was launched in 1890. After almost 30 years of perfect service it was attacked by the German submersible boat. For nearly 100 years she’s been resting a couple of miles away from Valletta harbor. The ship seems to be a real magnet for divers and researches, attracting their attention for decades. No wonder “Polynesia” is now known as a “Titanic of the Mediterenean”.

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