Greek media cover “Britannic 2014″ expedition

While in Greece, U-Boat Navigator team has met lots of beautiful people and devoted professionals. Among them there were divers, historians, archeologists and specialists from the Greek Department of Underwater Antiquities. That was a great pleasure to communicate with them, enriching our experience. We also were delighted to find some news about our expedition in the Greek newspapers:


Снимок экрана 2014-09-28 в 17.27.52

One photo of the expedition even made it to the “Pictures of the day”, and the proof of it you can find here

Other articles on the Britannic expedition:

Κατάδυση στο «αδελφό» πλοίο του «Τιτανικού»

Υποβρύχια κινηματογράφηση στο ναυάγιο του HMΗS BRITANNIC

 ΠολιτισμοΣ Τί έδειξαν οι καταδύσεις στο ναυάγιο του Βρεταννικού

Kινηματογραφώντας το ναυάγιο του Βρεταννικού ανοιχτά της Κέας

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