U-Boat Navigator

A truly unique vessel, built under the guidance of professional divers. U-Boat’s characteristics and equipment ensure a wide range of exploratory opportunities, following the “all-in-one” strategy.

Submersibles Triton 3300/3 and Triton 3300/1 MD, ROV (Ageotec Perseo GTV remotely operated underwater vehicle), decompression chamber, wet bell, modern medical system, articulating crane, lateral-thrust propeller and other facilities turn U-Boat Navigator into an undoubtedly inimitative vessel with own charm and character.

U-Boat Navigator main technical characteristics:

  • year of manufacture – 2008
  • port of registry and home port – Valletta (Malta)
  • length – 24 metres
  • beam – 7 metres
  • displacement – 163 tons
  • combined engine power – 860 kW
  • top speed – 12 knots
  • automated ballast tank contol system
  • 18 ton crane
  • sea endurance (with a crew of 8) – 35 days
  • 7-person tender with engine capacity of 115 h.p.


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