U-Boat Malta Ltd. for several years has been actively participating in underwater expeditions of RGS and the Underwater Research Center and would like to join in wishing many more years of successful projects’ implementation in Russia and abroad.

Nicolas the First was the one to set the beginning of the Geographical Society of Russia in 1845 on the 18th of August. The Emperor accepted the project of the scientific entity and its temporary rules.

The first general meeting of the members of the society took place in October 1845. At this meeting, it was stated that “the leading subject of the Russian Geographical Society has to become cultivation of Russia’s geography”. Already by 1847, the Society had organized its first serious expedition to Northern Ural under the supervision of Russian geologist Ernst Hofmann.

RGS is the only organization in Russia that has been operating incessantly from the day of its foundation. Over 3000 expeditions were held under the aegis of the Society. Every year the projects for younger generations attract more and more volunteers and new members into the academic community.

To celebrate RGS’s 172nd Birthday a special sculpture was erected in the Moscow city-centre – the sculpture features endangered Siberian tiger cubs. During the weekend a number of geography-related events will be held throughout the city.