U-Boat shapes up before the voyage

U-Boat Navigator team is getting ready for the oncoming expedition to the wreck of legendary Britannic. In the meanwhile specialists carefully check their equipment: wet bell, ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle), decompression chamber, cameras and other systems and facilities.

U-Boat Navigator divers also availed the opportunity of examining new outfit and accouterment while striving for the absolute perfection and polishing up their immersion techniques.

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Simon Mills pays a visit to U-Boat Malta

Famous British maritime historian, Britannic wreck owner Simon Mills has recently visited U-Boat Malta to talk about his legendary belonging, oncoming filming project and simply life. Interesting topics to discuss and a fine weather day on the island made our meeting unforgettable.

Mr. Mills’ visit to the office gave us a chance to extend the interview we had a couple of months ago. We’ll publish it shortly, along with some great rare pictures of Britannic. Simon generously suggested putting them forward in order to provide our readers with even more entertaining and insightful material.

The history of WW2: ‘Magic Carpet’ flying underwater

Numerous wrecks lying around Malta dumbly bear testimonies about the past. Many of those sunken ships clearly remember their last days, done in midstream of World War II. Back at those time Malta bravely served as a bastion of the Royal Navy in the Mediterranean. The country courageously resisted massive attacks of the Axis powers, but supplies were running very low…

In 1941 it became clear that the supply of Malta by surface ship would be a hazardous operation involving both Force H at Gibraltar and the Fleet at Alexandria. From either base, a passage of some 1,000 miles was involved for merchantmen i.e. four days steaming of which a considerable proportion would be in a daylight, outside British air cover and within range of Axis air bases. Also, from the advent of enemy’s air power such a supplement became essential, and could be provided only at great risk by fast surface warships, or by the use of submarines.