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U-Boat Navigator divers pay a visit to the wreck of Burdigala

Having completed the Britannic mission, U-Boat Navigator team went on with the underwater research and participated in the expedition devoted to another WW1 wreck, S/S Burdigala.

The stories of two ships were tied up forever by dramatic events of the World War I. November of 1916 turned into a tragedy for both of them. Burdigala was the first to strike a mine near the island of Kea. In just a week Britannic followed her path, striking a mine from the same mine field, laid by German sub U-73.

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Greek media cover “Britannic 2014″ expedition

While in Greece, U-Boat Navigator team has met lots of beautiful people and devoted professionals. Among them there were divers, historians, archeologists and specialists from the Greek Department of Underwater Antiquities.

That was a great pleasure to communicate with them, enriching our experience. We also were delighted to find some news about our expedition in Greek newspapers…

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In the midst of Greek expedition: the moments we value

“Britannic 2014″ expedition has made lots of great things happen. Fascinating research process, meetings with good friends, talks with interesting people… Our big thank you to everyone for participation. And to “Britannic” as well! Before we come up with the full report on the journey, we publish a brief overview in photos…

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New Britannic expedition pictures

While expedition is on the go, we publish promised photos. HMHS Britannic wreck has not changed much since last year, excluding some newly emerged fishing nets. Actually, fishing is prohibited in the area, but currants can easily bring them here anyways.

Our researchers were glad to see the wreck gain. They eagerly examined its external condition and filmed high quality videos, making a good use of new lights, especially developed for underwater filming.

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U-Boat Navigator is in Greece now

It’s been a bit more than a week since U-Boat Navigator has started the Britannic expedition. The crew is working at the site now, preparing some fine video material. Local weather is a bit ill-tempered at the moment, but we passionately wait once we need and carry on with exciting immersions. In general, everything is working out quiet well, and we’re about to publish new underwater footage soon! Now we are setting forward some photos picturing our trip.

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