Monthly Archives: November 2014

Triton 3300/3 is onboard!

Triton 3300/3 submersible has arrived and already taken its place onboard U-Boat Navigator.

Since last week U-Boat Navigator crew has been working together with overseas specialists, getting used to the new equipment. Triton 3300/3 is soon to explore the richness of Maltese islands and other intriguing locations.

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The discovery of Burdigala

Greek island of Kea truly inspires divers from all over the world. No wonder: an illustrious HMHS Britannic is lying just a few miles offshore. But it is not the only Kean underwater treasure. Making an approach to Korissia port technical divers can spot another intriguing location – S/S Burdigala. And that’s exactly where U-Boat Malta expedition headed to after having finished things on Britannic.

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Britannic-2014 review in pictures

It’s been a while since “Britannic-2014″ expedition has ended, but the impressive amount of the video materials gathered lets researchers continue with their studies even today. We now take a look at some of the best pictures made during the mission…

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Valletta Boat Show 2014: UPDATED

Unfortunately, Valletta Boat Show 2014 was postponed due to a bad weather conditions, and no certain date yet has been set regarding the event. We will keep you informed about any changes in this matter.

In the meantime, we will find a way of presenting our new Triton 3300/3 submersible, and publish latest pictures shortly.

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