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The history of WW2: ‘Magic Carpet’ flying underwater

Numerous wrecks lying around Malta dumbly bear testimonies about the past. Many of those sunken ships clearly remember their last days, done in midstream of World War II. Back at those time Malta bravely served as a bastion of the Royal Navy in the Mediterranean. The country courageously resisted massive attacks of the Axis powers, but supplies were running very low…

In 1941 it became clear that the supply of Malta by surface ship would be a hazardous operation involving both Force H at Gibraltar and the Fleet at Alexandria. From either base, a passage of some 1,000 miles was involved for merchantmen i.e. four days steaming of which a considerable proportion would be in a daylight, outside British air cover and within range of Axis air bases. Also, from the advent of enemy’s air power such a supplement became essential, and could be provided only at great risk by fast surface warships, or by the use of submarines.

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June, 25 – Day of the Seafarer!

Dear Friends!

Please, accept our warmest congratulations on the Seafarer’s day!

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) decided to designate June 25th as the International Day of the Seafarer in 2010. It’s now been 4 years since we started looking at this summer day as at the opportunity to praise those brave wonderful people who love sea so much!

Our great thanks to seafarers for their contribution!

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Pages of History: last voyage for “Polynesien”

“Polynesia” was launched in 1890. After almost 30 years of perfect service it was attacked by the German submersible boat. For nearly 100 years she’s been resting a couple of miles away from Valletta harbor. The ship seems to be a real magnet for divers and researches, attracting their attention for decades. No wonder “Polynesia” is now known as a “Titanic of the Mediterenean”…

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Congratulations on Victory Day!

Dear Friends!

Let us congratulate you with a great holiday of glory, heroism and bravery, with the Victory Day! This is the day to pay the tribute to those who fought for peaceful sky over our heads, sacrificing life on the path to the Victory, defending the Future.

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U-Boat goes shopping: Triton 3300 is to arrive soon!

U-Boat has recently come back from the trip to “Triton Submarines” – an American-based company, one of the global leaders in deep diving submersible engineering.

U-Boat representatives headed off too Florida in their search for a new first-rate bathyscaph to join the Sea Explorer 5 aboard the Navigator. And they did reach the target: in a while the brand new Triton 3300 will be brought to Malta.

The Triton 3300/3 is the most popular company’s submersible, according to its specialists…

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Simon Mills: “Interest in the Britannic is now a lot bigger than it was 20 years ago”

U-Boat Navigator expedition to Britannic in 2013 opened new horizons for the research team agenda. Explorers are planning to get back to the famous wreck during the 2014 to broaden perspectives for camera shooting. Meanwhile, we have a talk with the Britannic’s owner, renowned maritime historian Simon Mills.

– Do you remember the moment you decided to buy the wreck? – As it happens I remember it very clearly. It was actually July of 1996 that I first heard that the UK Government’s former title to the wreck of the HMHS Britannic was up for sale…

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The battle of Chesma and the Russo-Maltese relations

by Joseph-Stephen Bonanno, B.A.(Hons) (Melit.)

During the 18th century Russia and Turkey were frequently at loggerheads, culminating in the Russo-Turkish war (1768-1774). One major battle in this war was the sea battle of Chesma (24-26 June 1770). The aim of this paper is to try to demonstrate the contribution, both direct and indirect, of the Maltese and the Order of St John in this Battle.

The Russo-Maltese Connection dates back to 1698 when the first Russian delegation reached Malta during Grand Master Ramon Perellos y Roccaful magistracy…

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‘The Convoy’ project: bringing history to life

U-Boat will participate in a new cinematic project. ‘The Convoy’ story which is officially known as ‘Operation Pedestal’ will draw a picture of dramatic events, which took place in 1942, in the midth of World War II.

“This will be primarily a documentary about making a documentary. It will narrate the expedition to trace the historical aspects of this amazing journey, – explains the idea of the project Peter Bussuttil, a well-known Maltese cinematographer and a member of creative team. Two stories will interwine to combine an compelling and exciting story…

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Sergey Veksler: “After each immersion you resurface being a new man”

Renowned Russian actor Sergey Veksler plunged to the bottom of the Kea Channel (Greece) during the expedition to the wreck of HMHS Britannic.

‘The appetite for the action reigns on the surface. But here, at depth, you feel an incredible tranquility. All you want is to keep silent and reflect, meditate. After each immersion you resurface being a new man’… – he says.

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