Monthly Archives: February 2015

U-Boat collaboration with Univesity of Messina

Representatives of U-Boat Malta Ltd had paid a visit to Rome and Catania last week in order to sum up the important points in negotiations and sign the MoU agreement with the University of Lazio. Another important task of the delegation was the finalization of the MoU agreement with the University of Messina that is targeted...
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Motherland Defender’s Day

Dear Motherland Defenders, our company U-Boat Malta would like to congratulate you with your professional Holiday and wish you many years of healthy and peaceful life!

Thanks to the strength and intelligence of men protecting their homeland, our generation can benefit from living in the contemporary, stable, democratic society.

Happy Motherland Defender’s Day!

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Romegas, The Wolf of the Sea

By Joseph-Stephen Bonanno  B.A. (Hons.) (Melit.)

The Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, throughout its long history, always produced famous naval commanders for her galleys.  Knights of great experience, who were grown old in the service, and who were most of them qualified to command considerable fleets: such were the commander...

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