S/S Burdigala – Filming wrecks at a great depth

SS “Burdigala” serves as a training ground; it let us practice and master the new methods of underwater filming. This season our director of photography is Sergei Machilskiy, who is a professional film director with a vast experience in underwater productions. He is considered to be one of the masters of Russian cinema. This year … Read more

First submergence. S/S Burdigala

The first submergence of 2015 expedition season took place at the location of the ocean liner “Burdigala” resting on a seabed close to the island of Kea. This wreck is commonly known only in scientific circles due to its close location to the tragically famous wreck of HMHS “Britannic”, which creates a sort of “Information … Read more

Kea island. Equipment testing

Kea belongs to Cyclades archipelago, the closest from the Cyclades to Attica, it familiar to us from previous expeditions. Serenity of white houses under tile roofs and green slopes doesn’t match in any way with the knowledge, that Kea passage became death place not only for well-known “Britannic” but also for other vessels, belonging to … Read more

The joint expedition of Russian Geographical Society and U-Boat Malta 2015 started to work

Expedition vessel U-Boat Navigator left the port of registry Valletta (Malta) on June 16, 2015. The weather forecast threatened with strong wind up to 20 knots in the Strait of Messina. Therefore, the captain made his decision to go along the Sicilian coast and to stop overnight in the town of Taormina. Weather favored, and … Read more

Research and Preparation for the expedition 2015

The preparation for the upcoming U-Boat’s Expedition 2015 has come to the final stage. Most of the equipment has been tested, and newly arrived equipment installed to our support vessel “Navigator”.