Monthly Archives: July 2015

Working at HMS Perseus – Short Report

HMS Perseus, 79 metres long, 8.5 metres beam and 4.17 metres draught submarine was laid down on 2 July 1928. She had a displacement of 1,475 long tons surfaced, and 2,040 long tons submerged. Fitted with four-stroke blast injection eight-cylinder diesels, accommodated in the larger engine room and designed to develop a total of 4640...
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Departure to Kefalonia island

On July 19th, after doing final dives and finishing research works at the Kea Channel, U-Boat Navigator left towards  Kefalonia. Once again we have passed through the Corinthian channel, but these time from the side of Aegean Sea going into the Ionic sea. Kefalonia is the biggest among Ionic islands;  it lies approximately 30 miles west...
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Interview with Kostas Thoctarides

During a stay at Kea, U-Boat Navigator crew met Kostas Thoctarides. Kostas is the most accomplished professional diver in Greece, with a real deep passion for history and wreck exploration. He owns Planet Blue diving center in Lavrio, conducts wreck research and  also writes books. “Shipwrecks of the Greek seas. Dive into their history” (Kostas...
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HMHS Britannic – Filming at the depth of 120 meters

The third week of the expedition has started; the team is located on the island of Kea, and the primary goal of the mission is to continue researching the legendary wreck of HMHS Britannic. Everything is happening according to the previously approved schedule and, due to the optimal weather condition, another exploratory submergence has happened today. The...
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Project “History of Diving” on board of U-Boat Navigator

Russian TV Channel “Zvezda” has started previously agreed collaboration onboard of U-Boat Navigator. All the gathered materials will be used for the upcoming scientific project “History of Diving”. Channel director Sergei Merzlyakov and camera operator Alexandr Bahlanov have just finished their research expedition to the Black Sea. Therefore, they are completely prepared, both theoretically and practically,...
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Guests aboard U-Boat Navigator

Along with our regular work, diving and filming, we were honored to accept prominent guests. Technical divers from the USA and Italy stayed with us for several days, working on their own program. Their diving team consisted of Evan Kovacs from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Marine Imaging Technologies, Michael Barnette, a biologist from protected...
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