Monthly Archives: August 2017

Richie Kohler visits U-Boat

Our colleague and dear friend Richie Kohler spent two weeks working aboard U-Boat Navigator with our team.  We’ve been diving to various wrecks, filming interviews and genarally did a great job over this time. The result of our work will be available later on, keep an eye on our...

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U-Boat Malta Ltd. for several years has been actively participating in underwater expeditions of RGS and the Underwater Research Center and would like to join in wishing many more years of successful projects’ implementation in Russia and abroad.

Nicolas the First was the one to set the beginning of the Geographical Society...

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The Queen of Italian Wrecks

The MV Viminale is another wreck that we’ve been filming and studying during our expedition to Italy this year. The ship sank during World War II, off the coast of Palmi, Reggio Calabria. Viminale in Sydney Some people tend to refer to Viminale as the Italian Titanic, due to...
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