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Italy 2018: the wreck of U-455. Video report.

U-455 at this point in time remains the only German U-Boat wreck in the Mediterranean. The wreck is located at the depth of 120 meters in the proximity of Portofino, Genoa. The submarine was lost with all hands. In September 2018 U-Boat Malta got a chance to dive to the wreck of this mysteriously lost vessel. Read More

International Shipwreck Festival in Warsaw

The 8th International Shipwreck Festival kicks off in Warsaw on the 9th of February 2019. World-famous divers, ocean explorers, and historians will be sharing their experiences and ideas with the visitors. Apart from the presentations, the Festival will host book and movie premieres. Richie Kohler, an underwater explorer, experienced technical diver and writer,  will be...
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