A centenary of the HMHS Britannic’s sinking

Today, exactly one hundred years ago the beautiful transatlantic liner disappeared in the waters of the Aegean. On the 21st of November 1916, the Titanic’s sister ship – the Britannic was passing through the Kea channel. On the early sunny morning, right after the change of watch, an explosion shook the giant liner. Such a massive vessel was gone in 55 minutes, fortunately not taking many of her crew down to her sea grave. The Britannic is now resting at the depth of 119 meters, with her bow smashed by the impact but the rest of her hull still looking magnificent.

The one of the three “Olympians” was initially set to sail the oceans as one of the most luxurious liners of the White Star Line, welcoming the very well dressed passengers in her exquisite interiors. Unfortunately, the Britannic didn’t get a chance to steam across the oceans and after leaving the docks in Belfast, she was immediately requisitioned by the Government to serve in the Great War as a hospital ship. The Britannic’s service wasn’t too long and lasted her entire life. On one of her journeys, the unsinkable liner met her fate hitting one of the German mines near the shores of Greece and disappeared underwater in just 55 minutes. All the efforts of her brave crew were not enough to save the ship but were enough to save almost all of her crew.

This year U-Film Ltd. in conjunction with U-Boat Malta Ltd. presented the documentary drama in 2 series “The Mystery of Britannic”. Specifically for this project, the crew of U-Boat Navigator has been exploring the wreck for several years in a row, centimeter by centimeter studying her in order to be able to recreate all the details of her service and loss in the upcoming movie. Different kinds of the most advanced research and filming equipment were employed to bring the vivid image of the sleeping giant to the surface to share with the audience.

Below we are posting some of our favorite photos of the legendary ship.