U Boat Navigator

About us

The U Boat Navigator team is passionate about diving! We have had the privilege of exploring shipwrecks, lost treasures, coral reefs, and underwater volcanoes. Now we would like to share this experience with you!

Along with our charter agent Fraser Yachts, we have crafted a completely unique charter experience. The Deep Blue experience makes diving more accessible than ever before!

Recently Renovated

U Boat Navigator has returned to the water with a new coat of paint and some fantastic changes to the interior. With a new modern interior and renovated cabins, you can enjoy your stay in exceptional comfort.

The Deep Blue Experience

Our new experience has made diving more accessible than ever before. With absolutely no training needed, you can adventure below the ocean waves to discover what lies beneath.

The Story Of The Navigator

The story behind U Boat Navigator we consider as unique as the services that the vessel provides.

It all started forty years ago when one of the current owners, and the head of expeditions, became fascinated with the underwater world and tried SCUBA diving for the first time.

He mastered his diving skills and developed his passion further, becoming an instructor at the age of eighteen.