Ancient amphorae, approximately 1,800 years old, recovered from the 93 meters depth!

An ancient wreck is located just two miles away from the northern coast of Sicily at the depth of 93 m. On August 13th, U-Boat Navigator has started the scheduled research of the mentioned ancient shipwreck. As usual, to fulfill all the necessary criteria for common research procedure, the ROV Ageotec Perseo and the Triton 3300/3 submarine were used for the observation. Examining the seabed thoroughly, pilots found several objects of a very distinctive shape. It was a whole shipment of ancient amphorae! In a powerful stream of light from the ROV, amphorae were seen in all their beauty: all of them had an oblong shape, some with beaten-off necks, but many others were in absolutely perfect condition. Submarine crew and surface ROV operators saw objects at the same time – on the screen and on-site. That were some perfect exhibits for museums!

The next day recovery operation took place. Timothy Gambin, archeologist and historian from the University of Malta, and 2 Italian deep-water divers has participated in the process. By the way, one of them, Edoardo Pavia, who urgently arrived to Messina, has already visited “Navigator” in June, in order to dive to “Britanniс” as part of the international research expedition. During the both visits, then and now, he expressed the great respect for a remarkable work of the U-Boat Navigator crew, research team, and technical capabilities of the vessel, that are ideal for organization and carrying out of deep-water submersions.

Divers successfully recovered 2 amphorae from the seabed, –  a very challenging job considering the depth of 93 meters! 3 more were carefully delivered on board, undamaged, with the use of Triton manipulators. According to preliminary scientific estimates, the amphorae are approximately 1,800 years old.