Capri, Italy. Final report

As we promised in our previous report we are going to share some photos from the beautiful island of Capri, Italy and the precious artefacts on the seabed that we were lucky not only to see in great detail but also to recover some of them for scientific purposes.


The main target of the expedition was to recover the ancient amphorae from the sea bottom and then pass them to the authorities and supervising organizations for further archaeological examination. The recovery was a great success – two deep-water Triton submersibles (Triton 3300/3 & Triton 3300/1 MD) were working in a conjunction with ROV and professional divers to be able to perform this job very carefully, in order not to damage these priceless artefacts. You can take a good look at what we have brought to the surface and what we’ve seen at the bottom, below.


The recovery has been performed upon request of the R.A.S. (Restoring Ancient Stabiae, Italy) – the Department of Underwater Archaeology of the Vesuvian Institute and its representative Ugo di Capua.

The RAS Foundation is a non-profit Italian cultural organization which was founded in Washington DC in 2002, by the initiative of the University of Maryland, as a cooperative project in the field of cultural heritage, born under the international treaty that links the United States and Italy. The Foundation bases its activities on the belief that cultural heritage belongs to the whole world and sees archaeology as an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with different cultures.


As this mutual work turned out to be a great success – our research team is really looking forward to further archaeological projects in Italy with Ugo di Capua and R.A.S