International Shipwreck Festival in Warsaw

The 8th International Shipwreck Festival kicks off in Warsaw on the 9th of February 2019. World-famous divers, ocean explorers, and historians will be sharing their experiences and ideas with the visitors. Apart from the presentations, the Festival will host book and movie premieres. Richie Kohler, an underwater explorer, experienced technical diver and writer,  will be … Read more

Mass media cover visit to HMS Olympus

After many years beyond recall HMS Olympus is back in the limelight. A new life to a great story has been recently given by mass media, covering the news on the first-ever visit to the sunken sub.

“It is a pleasure to see public interest to HMS Olympus. I have been following this topic for some 10 years, and I know how labyrinthine was the historical evidence one could establish his reasonings on while trying to re-locate the sub…

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In the midst of Greek expedition: the moments we value

“Britannic 2014” expedition has made lots of great things happen. Fascinating research process, meetings with good friends, talks with interesting people… Our big thank you to everyone for participation. And to “Britannic” as well! Before we come up with the full report on the journey, we publish a brief overview in photos…

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New Britannic expedition pictures

While expedition is on the go, we publish promised photos. HMHS Britannic wreck has not changed much since last year, excluding some newly emerged fishing nets. Actually, fishing is prohibited in the area, but currants can easily bring them here anyways.

Our researchers were glad to see the wreck gain. They eagerly examined its external condition and filmed high quality videos, making a good use of new lights, especially developed for underwater filming.

U-Boat Malta: on the way to documentary

U-Boat Malta Ltd is getting prepared for documentary project shooting, aiming to tell a great story of the underwater world.

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‘The Convoy’ project: bringing history to life

U-Boat will participate in a new cinematic project. ‘The Convoy’ story which is officially known as ‘Operation Pedestal’ will draw a picture of dramatic events, which took place in 1942, in the midth of World War II.

“This will be primarily a documentary about making a documentary. It will narrate the expedition to trace the historical aspects of this amazing journey, – explains the idea of the project Peter Bussuttil, a well-known Maltese cinematographer and a member of creative team. Two stories will interwine to combine an compelling and exciting story…

U-Boat Navigator hosts “The Adventurers”

The fall of 2013 metamorphosed for the U-Boat into a cinematographic workshop. The capacities of the ship were used as a base for underwater shootings of a new Russian blockbuster ‘The Adventurers’ with renowned Konstantin Khabensky as a featured actor. The world premiere of the movie is scheduled for April, 17. In Russia ‘The Adventurers’ go into the cinemas a week earlier.


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Malta, a shooting stage for the movie, is a universally acknowledged paradise for the masters of motion picture industry…

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