BBC aboard U-Boat Navigator

The representatives of the BBC radio and BBC News have visited U-Boat’s expedition to Britannic 2016 in Greece. Our pilot Dmitry Tomashov submerged in Triton 3300/3 to show the reporters around one of our favorite wrecks. Navigator’s crew and the technical divers team shared some of their experience, knowledge with the journalists and gave a … Read more

Final stage of Expedition 2015 “The mystery of Britannic” – HMS Russell, HMY Aegusa, HMS Nasturtium & others

Maltese expedition stage is the third and the last part of the U-Boat’s annual expedition of 2015. The main works have been already performed, local wrecks has been investigated and researched, documentary materials collected and all necessary historical data received. The fact that some of the wrecks located close to the entrance into the Valletta’s … Read more

Ancient amphorae, approximately 1,800 years old, recovered from the 93 meters depth!

An ancient wreck is located just two miles away from the northern coast of Sicily at the depth of 93 m. On August 13th, U-Boat Navigator has started the scheduled research of the mentioned ancient shipwreck. As usual, to fulfill all the necessary criteria for common research procedure, the ROV Ageotec Perseo and the Triton … Read more

New wreck identified, French cargo boat “Carimare”

The scientific collaboration with our partners from the University of Messina made it possible to identify the recently discovered wreck. Apparently, our researchers’ team has submerged to the wreck of French cargo boat “Carimare”, built in 1922. It served several important functions: transportation of passengers and cargo, meteorological observations, and military purposes. 23 January 1943 … Read more

Second phase of expedition, exploration in the Strait of Messina. A new wreck needs identification!

On August 7, 2015, U-Boat Navigator has started the second stage of its expedition; exploration objects are located in Italy. As soon as all work in Greece has been successfully completed, the vessel arrived to Messina. This part of the expedition is being organized according to the Agreement of cooperation with the University of Messina: … Read more

Working at HMS Perseus – Short Report

HMS Perseus, 79 metres long, 8.5 metres beam and 4.17 metres draught submarine was laid down on 2 July 1928. She had a displacement of 1,475 long tons surfaced, and 2,040 long tons submerged. Fitted with four-stroke blast injection eight-cylinder diesels, accommodated in the larger engine room and designed to develop a total of 4640 … Read more