Greek media cover “Britannic 2014” expedition

While in Greece, U-Boat Navigator team has met lots of beautiful people and devoted professionals. Among them there were divers, historians, archeologists and specialists from the Greek Department of Underwater Antiquities.

That was a great pleasure to communicate with them, enriching our experience. We also were delighted to find some news about our expedition in Greek newspapers…

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In the midst of Greek expedition: the moments we value

“Britannic 2014” expedition has made lots of great things happen. Fascinating research process, meetings with good friends, talks with interesting people… Our big thank you to everyone for participation. And to “Britannic” as well! Before we come up with the full report on the journey, we publish a brief overview in photos…

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New Britannic expedition pictures

While expedition is on the go, we publish promised photos. HMHS Britannic wreck has not changed much since last year, excluding some newly emerged fishing nets. Actually, fishing is prohibited in the area, but currants can easily bring them here anyways.

Our researchers were glad to see the wreck gain. They eagerly examined its external condition and filmed high quality videos, making a good use of new lights, especially developed for underwater filming.

U-Boat Navigator is heading to Greece

Finishing touches are being put on the threshold of the long-awaited expedition to HMHS Britannic. U-Boat Navigator is going to take a team of researches onto a fascinating trip to Greek coast…

Famous historians and professional divers will join our crew. We’ll be honoured and happy to get their comments, to make our own ones – and all for keeping you informed about the news.

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U-Boat shapes up before the voyage

U-Boat Navigator team is getting ready for the oncoming expedition to the wreck of legendary Britannic. In the meanwhile specialists carefully check their equipment: wet bell, ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle), decompression chamber, cameras and other systems and facilities.

U-Boat Navigator divers also availed the opportunity of examining new outfit and accouterment while striving for the absolute perfection and polishing up their immersion techniques.

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Simon Mills pays a visit to U-Boat Malta

Famous British maritime historian, Britannic wreck owner Simon Mills has recently visited U-Boat Malta to talk about his legendary belonging, oncoming filming project and simply life. Interesting topics to discuss and a fine weather day on the island made our meeting unforgettable.

Mr. Mills’ visit to the office gave us a chance to extend the interview we had a couple of months ago. We’ll publish it shortly, along with some great rare pictures of Britannic. Simon generously suggested putting them forward in order to provide our readers with even more entertaining and insightful material.

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The trip to Galápagos

September, 2013. U-Boat Navigator visited the Galápagos Islands – an archipelago of volcanic islands, scattered in both the northern and southern hemispheres in the Pacific Ocean.

The territory (18 main islands, 3 smaller ones, 107 rocks and islets) belongs to Ecuador, they are situated 926 km away from its continental part.

The Galápagos Islands and their surrounding waters are known to be an Ecuadorian province – a national park and a biological marine reserve…

The “Britannic” experience

August, 2013. U-Boat Navigator expedition sets off for the Greek shores, where the legendary “HMHS Britannic” has been lying since the catastrophe in 1916.

Organizational issues for professionals, dreaming about the visit to “Britannic”, make an impressive piece of work. On one hand, there’s a vast range of license and permit questions to take care about. On the other, divers have to make sure they’ve mastered their skills to perfection in order to handle the works under conditions of serious depth and in complete darkness…

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May 2013: visiting “Polynesia”

May, 2013. U-Boat Navigator heads to the spot, where a French container ship “Polynesia” went down to the bottom in a distant 1918. The crew mapped out a plan to work out the immersions before going to visit the legendary “Britannic”.

“Polynesia” was launched in 1890. After almost 30 years of perfect service it was attacked by the German submersible boat. For nearly 100 years she’s been resting a couple of miles away from Valletta harbor. The ship seems to be a real magnet for divers and researches, attracting their attention for decades. No wonder “Polynesia” is now known as a “Titanic of the Mediterenean”.