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As of this year, we are glad to offer something that many have been only dreaming of - now U Boat Navigator is available for charter in the Mediterranean. Now you can try being an underwater researcher for yourself or simply enjoy the depths of the open seas with their tranquility and peace from the comfort...
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HMS Southwold (L10): Sunk today, 75 years ago


As we have mentioned in our plan of expeditions for 2017, while in Malta, the U-Boat Navigator, within several projects, is busy exploring the home waters and filming local wrecks.  One of these wrecks is the HMS Southwold (L10), the type II British Hunt-class destroyer that sunk 75 years ago on this day,...

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A centenary of the HMHS Britannic’s sinking

Today, exactly one hundred years ago the beautiful transatlantic liner disappeared in the waters of the Aegean. On the 21st of November 1916, the Titanic’s sister ship - the Britannic was passing through the Kea channel. On the early sunny morning, right after the change of watch, an explosion shook the giant liner....

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U-Boat Navigator is in Greece now

It’s been a bit more than a week since U-Boat Navigator has started the Britannic expedition. The crew is working at the site now, preparing some fine video material. Local weather is a bit ill-tempered at the moment, but we passionately wait once we need and carry on with exciting immersions. In general, everything is working out quiet well, and we’re about to publish new underwater footage soon! Now we are setting forward some photos picturing our trip.

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