U-Boat – Turkey collaboration

This week representative of U-Boat Malta had paid a visit to Turkey in order to hold a meeting with Admiral Metin Atac, Professor Oguz Aydemir and Professor Vasif Sahoglu.
The aim of the trip was a discussion about the mutual collaboration in the field of historical underwater research of the wrecks located in the waters of Turkey and confirmation of the proposed plans for the upcoming expedition 2015.

Major theme of the discussion was the joint research of U-Boat Malta, Universities of Turkey and Russian Geographic Society, targeted on the exploration of the ancient battleship “St. Eustáthius” that sunk near the shores of Turkey during the Battle of Chesma in 1770 and was preliminary researched by historians of the company.

St. Eustáthius

St. Eustáthius

The results of the meeting are considered to be very productive: different collaboration opportunities with Universities were suggested and discussed, positive decisions on existing research projects were made, and the new points of mutual research interests were discovered.