Divers Day

Diver’s Day (or better Commercial or Navy Diver’s Day) is celebrated on the 5th of May in Russia and some of the CIS countries. The history of this day goes back to 1882, the year when the first in the world diving school was founded. On the 5th of May 1882, by decree of Russian Emperor Alexander III, the school opened its doors to officers and lower ranks to start educating professional divers.

Demand in qualified divers increased at the end of the Crimean war (to clean up the fairway and to lift the weapons from the shipwrecks). At that time, there were already some divers working on the ships, but their services were expensive, and their work was not always good. In 1861 divers with all their equipment were listed as the part of the crew of the Navy ships.

The opening of Kronshtad’s diver school allowed to bring diver’s education on a different level and added a strong scientific base to it. Shortly after, the school became prestigious and for a long remained the only educational institution in the world that trained professional divers.

The school grew, adding different specializations and institutions. Today it is called the Navy Engineering Institute and is considered to be one of the best schools that train commercial divers.

Nowadays commercial divers work in different areas and quite often in very unfriendly conditions. Commercial divers perform underwater works of all sorts starting from cleanups and ending with all kinds of construction works.

We would like to wish all the divers, commercial, leisure divers, diving instructors and everyone related to them, to stay healthy, have reliable equipment and true friends, co-workers and buddies!