U-Boat Malta Expedition 2015 confirmed, Plan and objectives

The previously announced expedition plan for the U-Boat Malta research activity in 2015 has been modified and fully approved. All the stated underwater objects will be investigated by our research team and the explicit analyses to be carried out in order to answer some intriguing historical question about the legendary wrecks.

The crew has undergone the necessary courses to refresh their knowledge, submarines and support vessel “Navigator” got a full maintenance and testing, new equipment installed and try dives are made. The expedition is finally on and yet “Navigator” is leaving the port to start is a scientific journey.

The main aims and objectives of an expedition include the following:


  • Carrying out a number of scientific submergence to the research objects
  • Detailed study of the shipwrecks with the use of the Triton 3000/3 submersible
  • Carrying out a sonar study of the selected objects and creation of research documents for future reference
  • Gathering data for the scientific institutions worldwide
  • Shooting of the video materials in 3D format


By working in collaboration with international universities, U-Boat expedition has become an important milestone to the archaeological research of such legendary ships as “Britannic” and “Burdigala”. The expedition of 2015 sets up its mission to reveal all the hidden secrets of their wreckage and bring this knowledge to public using fascinating 3D footage.

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