Expedition report 2016: Greece, HMHS Britannic (03.06.2016 – 20.06.2016)

Aims of Expedition 2016:

In 2016 U-Boat Navigator has participated in four expediting which targeted the following research blocks: Greece, Italy, and Malta. Each of those blocks had its own tasks and aims to complete.

General information

Depth: 122 m
Number of submergences: 22 submergences during 17 days
Researched objects: HMHS Britannic
Operating equipment: Piloted submersibles Triton 3300/3Triton 3300/1; Perseo ROV, Deep-water diving equipment, MultiBeam Echo Sounder System
Participants: URC RGS, U-Boat, Explorers Club

Main Aims

  • Evaluation of the current state of HMHS Britannic wreck, after 100 years underwater
  • Research of the shipwreck and specification of the wreck position
  • Evaluation of the possibility to lift parts of the ship for the use as the museum exhibits in the Museum of Naval History (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  • Filming of documentary materials dedicated to a 100-year anniversary of the Britannic wreckage
  • Creation of a Ship 3D model
  • Collaboration with the Explorers Club represented by Richie Kohler.


According to the results of the expedition all planned tasks were performed and the following results were achieved:

  • The unique documentary footage of the underwater object was obtained, including the interior and exterior required for further study.
  • All main parts of the Britannic were studies and investigated. These data will be used in the future by the Museum of Naval History for assessing the state of the wreck and the possibility of its partial lifting.