Expedition report 2016: Italy, island of Capri (27.08.2016 – 06.09.2016)

Depth: 52-130 m
Number of submergences: 12 submergences during five days
Researched objects: Roman shipwrecks
Operating equipment: Piloted submersibles Triton 3300/3 & Triton 3300/1Perseo ROV, Deep-water diving equipment, MultiBeam Echo Sounder System
Participants: URC RGS, U-Boat, R.A.S. Foundation (Restoring Ancient Stabiae, Italy), Department of Underwater Archaeology of the Vesuvian Institute

Main Aims:

  • Research and filming of two ancient Roman ships near the island of Capri (Italy)
  • Research and scanning of Bocca Piccola region near Capri using Echo Sounder System
  • Search for artifacts with the participation of R.A.S. Foundation, and representatives of the Vesuvian Institute
  • Identification of the ships wrecks and collection of the documentary evidence
  • Lifting of the artifacts for further study at university
  • Preservation of artifacts (amphorae) for further restoration
  • Transfer of amphorae for storage and further research to R.A.S. Foundation


According to the results of the expedition all planned tasks were performed and the following results were achieved:

  • Ancient amphorae were preserved and transferred for the restoration and storage in the R.A.S. Foundation. After the further study they will be used as museum exhibits.
  • Future plans have been discussed for further research and expeditions in the year 2017 season.