Expedition report 2016: Malta, underwater objects of the I and II World War (07.07.2016 – 11.08.2016)

Aims of Expedition 2016:

In 2016 U-Boat Navigator has participated in four expediting which targeted the following research blocks: Greece, Italy, and Malta. Each of those blocks had its own tasks and aims to complete.

General Information

Depth: 53-150 m

Number of submergences: 28 submergences during 35 days

Researched objects: HMS Russell, HMY Aegusa, HMS Nasturtium, HMS Olympus, Le Polynesien, Airplane: Bristol Blenheim, MV King Edwin, ORP Kujawiak (L72)

Operating equipment: Piloted submersibles Triton 3300/3 & Triton 3300/1Perseo ROV.

Participants: URC RGS, U-Boat

Main Aims

  • Scanning the Maltese Waters with the Echo Sounder System in order to locate the lost wrecks of I and II World War.
  • Filming of documentary materials of both: newly found and currently researched objects.