Guests aboard U-Boat Navigator

Along with our regular work, diving and filming, we were honored to accept prominent guests. Technical divers from the USA and Italy stayed with us for several days, working on their own program. Their diving team consisted of Evan Kovacs from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Marine Imaging Technologies, Michael Barnette, a biologist from protected resources Division of NOAA, Edoardo Pavia from Sea Dwellers Divers, – lead by Richie Kohler, shipwrecks historian, well-known in the divers’ community due to identifying a World War II German Submarine U-869 off the coast of New Jersey, and being one of the heroes of the famous book “Shadow Divers”. We were also glad to meet David Concannon, Explorers Club New York Vice-President.

Experienced divers were impressed by the U-Boat Navigator, classifying it as “probably, one of the three research vessels in the world, best equipped for exploration, and deep decompression diving”, and, that is especially rewarding for us – by the excellent work of the Navigator crew.

Full respect!