About us

Dear guest, welcome on board!

You are in the right place if you are looking for a truly unique underwater experience.

U-Boat Navigator, our dive support vessel, is supplied with a full range of equipment for the excitement of underwater exploration: sonars, ROV’s, a diving bell, and of course, the Triton 3300/3 and Triton 3300/1 MD submersibles, capable of operating at a depth of 1000 meters (3300 feet). Our pilots are not only trained to pilot the submersibles but also highly-experienced camera operators with years of underwater shooting experience. Our submersibles are equipped with a custom lighting system that makes it possible to shoot at great depths or in restricted lighting conditions.

We offer a variety of services, whether it’s historical research and further location and surveying and filming of the underwater objects or if it’s any sort of industrial/preservation/scientific operations.

Lately, we’ve teamed up with West Nautical Charter broker to be able to share this unique passion of ours and welcome you aboard to plunge into the depths of the ocean in the comfort and safety of our submarines.

For any inquiries on the services we provide and on charter rates, please proceed to the “contact us” section.