In the midst of Greek expedition: the moments we value

“Britannic 2014″ expedition has made lots of great things happen. Fascinating research process, meetings with good friends, talks with interesting people… Our big thank you to everyone for participation. And to “Britannic” as well! Before we come up with the full report on the journey, we publish a brief overview in photos…

4“Britannic” has not changed much since our last visit. But our divers did notice some new nets, entangling the wreck

Simon Mills, a holder of the legal title to the wreck, is a real fund of knowledge on “Britannic”. He knows everything about her story. Whatever you ask him about – the answer comes immediately!

It does take lots of work to keep the ball rolling. And the weather is not always in favour of plans people have. It might look OK from the shore, but waves and currents complicate things in an inimitative manner. That day we had to say “no” to the immersion. Safety comes first!

The next day the sea was a way more welcoming. It was just the right time to unjacket the sub!

Everybody’s busy
That’s worth the effort!

Moments of history: Sergey Veksler is reading old articles on “Britannic” story before his stand-up in front of the camera

This man from Kea island has heard “Britannic” legends since early childhood. Back in 70s he got a chance to meet Jacques-Yves Cousteau and witness the first ever expedition to the site…

Thus, we now have valuable footage in our hands and will shortly move on to the next step of our project. In the meantime, we will prepare full reports on the expedition (as there has already been mentioned), and present another stage of it. What exactly do we mean?  That’s a nice subject to talk about no later than tomorrow!

Such a hospitable island of Kea!