International Shipwreck Festival in Warsaw

The 8th International Shipwreck Festival kicks off in Warsaw on the 9th of February 2019. World-famous divers, ocean explorers, and historians will be sharing their experiences and ideas with the visitors. Apart from the presentations, the Festival will host book and movie premieres. Richie Kohler, an underwater explorer, experienced technical diver and writer,  will be there presenting his book “The Mystery of the Last Olympian”, and a documentary film, that our team has worked on together with Richie – “The Perseus Survivor”. “The Perseus Survivor” is one of the documentaries from the series of 12 films called “The Dark Waters with Richie Kohler” and it’s dedicated to the sad and incredible story of the lead stoker John Capes who managed to miraculously escape his sunken submarine and survive on the enemy occupied island during WWII. The world premiere will take place very soon in Warsaw, so if you are planning on visiting the festival, don’t forget to stay for the screening.

More information on location and tickets can be found here: