Italy 2018: the wreck of U-455. Video report.

n 2018 U-Boat Malta got a chance to dive to the wreck of the mysterious U-455.

Built by the Deutsche Werke AG in Kiel, the U-455 was impressively equipped with 5 torpedo tubes, two diesel engines (3200 HP), allowing her to move at speeds over 17 knots and two electric motors (720 HP). After being launched, on June 21st, 1941, she received a compliment of 51 men and her first commander was Captain Hans Heinrich Giesler. Having carried out two successful attacks, the U-455 had been deployed to hunt in the Mediterranean under the command of a young Captain-Lieutenant Hans-Martin Scheibe. On July 25th, 1943 she had another successful mission sinking French cargo ship in the proximity of Morocco. On April 2nd, 1944 the U-boat reported her returning from the patrol in the waters near Algiers; a couple of days later the base tried to reach the U-455 but had no luck. U-445 has been listed missing since April 6th, 1944 and only in 2005 her wreck was discovered by Mr. Lorenzo Del Veneziano.