Kea island. Equipment testing

Kea belongs to Cyclades archipelago, the closest from the Cyclades to Attica, it familiar to us from previous expeditions. Serenity of white houses under tile roofs and green slopes doesn’t match in any way with the knowledge, that Kea passage became death place not only for well-known “Britannic” but also for other vessels, belonging to different epochs, that in great amount rest here on the seabed. By the way, these facts are almost not known to the local population.

The first day at Kea the crew devoted to training and equipment checking: descent and ascend of diving bell, ROV – remotely-controlled vehicle.

New Triton 3300/3 submarine, with 1,000 m operating depth was baptized in Aegean waters. This unique research tool joined the company last winter and was already used in Malta.

Next day, using excellent weather, we made first planned immersions to SS Burdigala. It was a French passenger liner, that during World War I was turned into the military transport vessel,  which sank in the Kea passage on November 14, 1916