Kea shipwrecks conference

The “100 Years Kea Shipwrecks 1916-2016” international conference was held Sept 30 – Oct 2 on the Greek island of Kea. The event’s purpose was to examine both, the WWI French troopship SS Burdigala and the British hospital ship, HMHS Britannic from a historical, explorative and commercial standpoint. In attendance was the Director of the Greek Ephorate of Marine Antiquities, regional Governor, Mayor of Kea, and numerous historians and experts including U-Boat’s very own Dmitry Tomashov and Joseph Bonnano.
In the early morning, on the 30th of September, a team of technical divers laid a commemorative plaque on the SS Burdigala. Later, in the afternoon our delegates joined a regatta of 10 vessels with one hundred and fifty participants aboard, that motored out from the harbor of Agios Nikolaos and placed wreaths above the wreck sites of both the troop ship SS Burdigala and the hospital ship HMHS Britannic.
At the evening film festival Dmitry Tomashov together with Richie Kohler, introduced a short teaser of the U-film’s project “The Mystery of Britannic” to the applause of an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. The premier took place at the Folk Museum of Kea – Mylopotamos, the open-air garden theater.

During the following days conference, many speakers presented their works. Our company’s historian, Joseph-Steven Bonnano presented an insightful and detailed study of the mine versus torpedo questions surrounding the sinking of HMHS Britannic and the SS Burdigala – “HMHS Britannic and the German/Austrian Archives”, where he demonstrated that no German or Austrian submarines were in the Kea Channel on 21 November 1916.
Submersible pilot, Dmitry Tomashov followed with a visually stunning presentation on the U-Boat’s exploration assets focusing on the abilities and imaging capabilities of the U-Boat Navigator with her two Triton submersibles and ROV’s.
The British owner of Britannic, Simon Mills, explained ‘The Odyssey of the HMHS Britannic’ and the different expeditions carried on her. He went on to praise the contribution that U-Boat Malta Ltd. gave throughout these last few years.

The event was attended by over 150 attendees and numerous members of the press so the event and its findings have reported internationally.

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