Kostas Thoctarides visits U-Boat Malta

End of 2015 was not only very busy for us filming-wise but also rich with all kinds of networking. Our latest guest and potential partner – Kostas Thoctarides visited Malta for the first time, so apart from business talks he got to do some sightseeing too.

Kostas Thoctarides is a famous Greek diver, explorer and book writer. We met Kostas a couple of years ago while we were on one of our first expeditions to the HMHS Britannic wreck. We met up with him on the island of Kea. We had a long chat back then, learned a lot about wrecks in Greece and about books that Kostas wrote. This was when we decided that it’s mutually beneficial to start working together. Then we met again in Greece, latest being summer 2015, and now finally he was able to make it to Malta.

Kostas Thoctarides with Alexandra Kuznetsova & Josef Bonnano from U-Boat Malta

Kostas Thoctarides with Alexandra Kuznetsova & Josef Bonnano from U-Boat Malta

Our historian Joseph Bonanno was Kostas’ personal guide throughout his visit, showing him around U-Group’s office, our war machinery collection, Malta Maritime Museum and the island itself.
After going through all the organizational matters, while enjoying lovely dinner, we had time to discuss and compare with Kostas, his and our own ways of conducting research, so that later we can come up with an efficient work strategy for the future.
To sum up, it was a very mutually productive meeting, and we are looking forward to seeing Kostas soon, on our next expedition to Greece.

Here you can read the interview with Kostas Thoctarides from summer 2015