Last submergence past year – HMY Aegusa

A day before Christmas U Boat Malta performed its last submergence of year 2015. Early morning, 23d of December research vessel U Boat Navigator left harbor and headed east.


This day was dedicated to in-detail filming of the wreck of HMY Aegusa – sir Lipton’s luxury steam yacht, lost in April 1916. Reaching the right coordinates the crew launched the submersible Triton 3300/3. Dr Timmy Gambin was supervising the dive being very excited about it, as it was his second time on that wreck. Our first dive to this wreck was conducted last year and was a very brief one, as we just received the exact coordinates but the weather conditions were not merciful to us. Now, finally, explorers get a chance to study the magnificent wreck in detail, having all the time in the world for that.

aegusa 3

HMY Aegusa, like many other ships of those times, has a really compelling life story – it was one of the most luxurious yachts of its time and welcomed aboard a lot of distinguished people. A great deal of funds has been spent on this vessel throughout its lifespan, every time upgrading it to something more exquisite and upscale.  The yacht been known as SY Erin before being put in disposal of British Red Cross Society when the war broke out. This is when the ship was painted white with a large red cross and re-equipped as a hospital ship. Later on she’s been armed and served as a tender to several larger ships at the end arriving to Malta to patrol waters of Mediterranean for German submarines.


She struck a mine on the 27th of April 1916 while trying to save survived crewmembers of HMS Nasturtium and sunk only within 7 minutes.

A detailed story of this beautiful yacht and events of that horrible night when it was lost will be told in one of the episodes of “The mystery of Britannic” documentary.