Conducting our underwater research within the Maltese waters for our latest project “The mystery of Britannic”, we stumbled upon a wreck we’ve never seen before. Taking the chance, we explored the ship and took some footage of it.

Built in 1927 by Harland and Wolff Ltd. in Belfast, MV King Edwin belonged to the King Line Ltd. Her lifespan wasn’t too long and her life story wasn’t too exciting.


While unloading at the Grand Harbor in Malta on the 16th of April 1943 the ship caught fire, was declared a total loss and scuttled right in the harbor. Later, in 1945 MV King Edwin was raised and towed off Grand Harbor of Valletta and scuttled in the open sea.

But what we accidently found that day was a breathtaking vessel, without a trace of that awful fire, dressed in coral and accompanied by schools of different fish. Resting at the seabed on an even keel the ship gives you feeling of serenity and peace. Seems like her new life underwater is much pleasant than the one she left at the surface.