The new joint expedition of U-Boat Malta!

The joint expedition of Russian Geographical Society and U-Boat Malta 2015 is being organised with the aim to study in greater detail underwater objects previously examined during the expeditions in 2013 and 2014.


The plan of an expedition includes the following underwater historical objects:

  • HMY Aegusa
  • HMS Russell
  • HMS Olympus
  • HMS Perseus
  • HMHS Britannic
  • U-133
  • SS Burdigala
  • SS Portugal
  • SS Vperiod
  • SS Sviatoslav
  • St. Eustathius

The chosen underwater sights and object will be studied in detail, all necessary scientific data will be analysed and recorded for the future reference.

During the expedition, scientific activity will be video documented with the use of 2D and 3D cameras in order to provide researchers with the quality video materials in high resolution. The research process itself will make use of the latest technological equipment, set up on the board of the Navigator and the Triton 3000/3 submersible.