One-of-a-kind TRITON 3300/1 MD has arrived to Malta

In the end of April U-Boat Malta Ltd. finally receives a very precious shipment – the long-awaited Triton 3300/1 MD. The one person submersible arrived safe and sound from Florida and went through the final stage of its assembling in Malta.


Since February our support vessel U-Boat Navigator was in preparations to receive a second submersible onboard – the crane’s been replaced and some works at the aft were done. Now U-Boat Navigator is capable of carrying 2 submersibles at once plus other research equipment.

Triton 3300/1 MD is a one-person underwater research vessel capable of submerging down to 1000m (3300ft). This submersible is equipped with a manipulator and sonar. It is a unique underwater vehicle and is first in its class. The sub has been custom-made  by Triton Submersibles for U-Boat to suit our needs in research, exploration and underwater filming.


The apparatus looks quite small from the outside but it is surprisingly roomy inside. Getting in and out is a bit of a challenge but it totally worth it. The entrance into the sub is located at the bottom of it. For the pilot to be able to reach it we specially designed a special hydraulic stand that tips the sub and gives access to this bottom hatch.  Once the pilot is in the crew shuts the hatch and by the means of the new on-board crane the sub is lowered into the water, just like our bigger Triton 3300/3.

This one-person submersible will allow us conduct research operations in restricted conditions and offers a different prospective for underwater filming and photography.