Project “History of Diving” on board of U-Boat Navigator

Russian TV Channel “Zvezda” has started previously agreed collaboration onboard of U-Boat Navigator. All the gathered materials will be used for the upcoming scientific project “History of Diving”.

Channel director Sergei Merzlyakov and camera operator Alexandr Bahlanov have just finished their research expedition to the Black Sea. Therefore, they are completely prepared, both theoretically and practically, for the new opportunities. The reason for their arrival is located here in Greece, in the Kea Channel, on the depth of 120 meter, rests the famous wreck of HMHS Britannic, the twin ship of tragically known Titanic, sunk during the First World War in 1916. Analyses of the data is a crucial aspect for the identification of the reasons for the tragedy.

“Together with the audience, we will be investigating the new research techniques and modern equipment to follow the path of its evolution” – says Sergei Merzlyakov. –“We came to overview the U-Boat’s expedition that has a very important purpose. To show the audience that a relatively small team of researchers with the help of contemporary equipment can perform huge scientific actions. Our primary interest lays of course in the technical support, methods of the research, professional technicians and scientists, who operate the ROV’s, dive or pilot the unique submarines. Here we have seen the professional work and discovered that most of the crew is not just an experts in one field but combine the knowledge of several dangerous but interesting research professions”.

The first day was all dedicated to the shooting the diving bell operations. Particular attention was given to the medical complex equipment and the most important – safety of the crew.  U-Boat Navigator has all the necessary equipment to guarantee the team safety, starting from the high technological, medical kit to the decompression chamber, however everything is set up is such a way that the risk level is brought to a minimum.

The team of TV channel “Zvezda” is also high professional, two persons combine the tasks of correspondent, reporter, director, light and sound engineer and the camera operator.