Research and Preparation for the expedition 2015

The preparation for the upcoming U-Boat’s Expedition 2015 has come to the final stage. Most of the equipment has been tested, and newly arrived equipment installed to our support vessel “Navigator”.

The researchers team is combining their historical notes and discoveries for the upcoming revelations that may be brought by the expedition.

The team is working in collaboration with the University of Malta, represented by Dr Timothy Gambin in order to provide the best knowledge base possible for the research. Joseph Stephen Bonanno, the historian of the company, has analysed and found many facts that can bring light to the wreckage of the legendary ships, planned for visual investigation by our divers. His articles can be accessed on our website.

Apart from the University of Malta, other well-known scientific institutions, such as the University of Messina, the Welfare Enterprise of Kea, Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Russian Geographic Society expressed their interest in the expedition. The latest collaboration discussion was held between U-Boat and the Explorers Club (USA).

As soon as the final preparations are complete, the expedition will have it official start at the planned date and time.