Richie Kohler for “The mystery of Britannic” project

Recently we’ve been working on the finishing touches on the canvas of the “The mystery of Britannic” project. As we’ve mentioned before, research vessel U-Boat Navigator with her crew embarked on another month-long expedition to the Kea Channel, the place where the “Britannic”, a hospital ship of his Majesty met her destiny in 1916. For one month the crew and a team of professional divers were engaged in this extremely engrossing project. Both, Triton 3300/3 and Triton 3300/1 MD were highly involved in the process of filming the conclusive shots.


Our dear friend and business partner, Richie Kohler (also a very well-known technical diver, writer, and a documentalist), was working with us not only in Kea. He also paid us a visit in Malta, where we wrapped up filming of the interviews and the narrative part. Richie being a great storyteller and a very enthusiastic explorer, who spent many years studying and exploring both RMS Titanic and HMHS Britannic will tell the story of one of the best-known hospital ships in the world from his perspective. Together with Richie we’ve been on an exciting and fascinating journey through time that very soon you will be able to experience on your own – just stay tuned to be the first ones to see the “The mystery of Britannic” when it is released.

Richie Kohler onboar U-Boat Navigator

Richie Kohler onboar U-Boat Navigator

A brief strip of the “The mystery of Britannic” docudrama

The “The mystery of Britannic” – is a docudrama, combining re-enactment, incredible underwater shots, some 3D images and a narrative part, explaining the events within it. The movie is made to pay tribute to the ships, hospital ships and their crews bravely fighting their way and helping others throughout the WWI. The “The mystery of Britannic” is going to be released to mark a centenary anniversary of those tragic events.


The locations were set up at different historical areas of Malta and Greece. A unique footage has been taken in the waters of Aegean and Mediterranean seas, at depths over 120m. A world-known technical diver, explorer, and presenter, Richie Kohler is leading the viewers through the story, unveiling some of the most peculiar facts and theories.

An international cast of actors has put a lot of their effort and talent to make the re-enactment parts of the movie as absorbing as possible so that the viewers feel as if they’re part of this incredible story too.