After receiving our mini sub and having it undergo all primary stage tests it was time to push our Triton submarines closer to their depth limits.

U-Boat Navigator in the sea

U-Boat Navigator in the sea

On the 18th of May 2016, the representatives of the Triton Submarines LLC were here in Malta for this important venture. Triton’s team of professionals were preparing the subs for it and representative of DNV GL presented for the certification.


Early morning U-Boat Navigator left Grand Harbour and headed well off Malta’s coast. Having reached the desired location (12 miles away from the island), Navigator stopped to launch both, Triton 3300/3 and 3300/1 MD. After completing all the safety checks and procedures they went down into the darkness of the Mediterranean Sea.


Triton 3300/1 MD

Although 1000-metre-depth is not a joke, it seemed like the pilots didn’t have any concerns and were just enjoying the ride and even taking deep-water photos.


Triton 3300/3

After some time spent at a great depth, passing all the certification checks and tasks, the pilots and the surveyor were truly satisfied with the deep-water debut and proceeded to the surface.

Triton 3300/1 MD on seabed

Triton 3300/1 MD on seabed

For U-Boat, it was definitely an important day that we were looking forward to – as now we have seriously broadened our abilities in deep water explorations and research. From this day onwards we are officially capable submerging to this great depth –so many exciting objects at 1000m await us now.

Photo from Triton 3300/3

Photo from Triton 3300/3

Speaking of exciting underwater objects – very soon U-Boat Navigator begins another expedition to HMHS Britannic’s wreck. This year it is even more significant as it has been 100 years since her sinking and we feel it our duty to pay tribute to this majestic ship, its crew and its story.

U-Boat Navigator =

U-Boat Navigator

What to expect from Britannic expedition 2016? This year there will be more incredible footage more breathtaking photographs, more interesting guests, and twice more submersibles than the previous year. Stay tuned.

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