‘The Convoy’ project: bringing history to life

U-Boat will participate in a new cinematic project. ‘The Convoy’ story which is officially known as ‘Operation Pedestal’ will draw a picture of dramatic events, which took place in 1942, in the midth of World War II.

This will be primarily a documentary about making a documentary. It will narrate the expedition to trace the historical aspects of this amazing journey, – explains the idea of the project Peter Bussuttil, a well-known Maltese cinematographer and a member of creative team. – Two stories will interwine to combine an compelling and exciting story. This is not only a documentary about historical facts but also a real-life journey: a reality documentary for want of better terminology“.


Joseph-Stephen Bonanno, an expert historician of docudrama, interprets the factual background and course of events: “Operation Pedestal’ was, to a certain extent, a turning point in history. In my opinion, there are many reasons but these may be summarised into three main points.

First of all, Malta was on the verge of surrendering to the Axis in view of its depleted supplies. It had been predetermined, that unless help arrived by 7 September 1942, Malta would surrender.

Another important aspect tells us that British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, had promised the Maltese that he would not let them down. He gave the ‘Operation Pedestal’ great importance to make ensure that it would reach its destination,

And little else… It was still a time where rivetting was commonly used in ship building while welding was in its infancy. SS Ohio was a vessel on which the use of welding was put to the test. Until this very day, engineers are still puzzled as to how the SS Ohio managed to keep afloat! All this is the story of courageous men“, – Mr. Bonanno denotes.

SS Ohio

SS Ohio

The work over the project is in progress, shootings are scheduled for coming summer. U-Boat Navigator will become an offshore base for the project, which requires lots of immersions, underwater filming and in-depth investigation.