“The Mystery of Britannic” official trailer & end of post production

U-Film is glad to announce the successful completion of the docudrama project “The Mystery of Britannic”, that reveals the tragic story of the hospital ship HMHS Britannic that was lost during the First World War. Evgeny Tomashov introduced the creative idea of Historic Docudrama that initiated the start of the project and made it possible for the production team of U-Film to recreate the atmosphere of wartime and present the untold story of every person struggling for salvation on the doomed ship.

This project includes exclusive underwater documentary footage, provided by the team of researchers from U-Boat Malta, carefully collected throughout the years of expeditions, as well as the theatrical re-enactment that allows the viewer to experience the events happening with the characters in the movie.

The story is narrated by one of the most famous shipwreck researchers Richie Kohler, as an expert in the Britannic history he explains all the essential details and events happing on screen. With the help of 3D visualizations and special effects, created by our post-production department our historians were able to convert the original memories of survivors into the colorful interpretation of the tragic story.

We are glad to present you the first official trailer of our unique project, dedicated to 100th anniversary of the HMHS Britannic loss.