Triton 3300/3: exploring new depth

As it is known, Triton 3300/3 now joins the team to accompany on voyages of discovery, opening new horizons for those puzzled with the wonders of thousand meters under the sea. Yes, that is to say this sub with an impressive panoramic view can take a pilot and two passengers to a depth of 3300 feet and guaranty an exciting journey at the speed of 3 knots. Triton 3300/3 has an operational endurance of 12 hours, providing an excellent opportunity for exploratory observation. To sharpen skills while operating the sub and filming video during upcoming projects, team was performing practice immersions, when spotted an unknown underwater object at the depth of more than 500 meters, some 7 miles to the south of Malta. The mysterious object turned to be one of those beautiful submerged reefs sea is so rich for. Still, a unique experience.