U-Boat Navigator divers pay a visit to the wreck of Burdigala

Having completed the Britannic mission, U-Boat Navigator team went on with the underwater research and participated in the expedition devoted to another WW1 wreck, S/S Burdigala.

Burdigala9The stories of two ships were tied up forever by dramatic events of the World War I. November of 1916 turned into a tragedy for both of them. Burdigala was the first to strike a mine near the island of Kea. In just a week Britannic followed her path, striking a mine from the same mine field, laid by German sub U-73.

 Researchers particularly focused on the fishing nets that wrapped a huge area of the wreck. The video they filmed will help to create a plan and remove the rope in the future.

“We didn’t just reach our initial goals, but contributed to other related projects and set objectives for further research. We are very pleased with the results of this expedition”, – Eugeny Tomashov, U-Boat Malta Ltd. director sums up.