U-Boat goes shopping: Triton 3300 is to arrive soon!

April, 2014. U-Boat has recently come back from the trip to “Triton Submarines” – an American-based company, one of the global leaders in deep diving submersible engineering.


U-Boat representatives headed off too Florida in their search for a new first-rate bathyscaph to join the C Explorer 5 aboard the Navigator. And they did reach their target: in a while a brand new Triton 3300 will be brought to Malta.

The Triton 3300/3 is the most popular company’s submersible, according to casino pa natet its specialists. This very model can easily go down to the depths of 1000 meters (3300 feet), carrying 3 people: a pilot and two passengers.

- It is a great thing indeed, – submersible vessel pilot Dmitriy Tomashov notes. – I was truly amazed with Triton’s safety and the way technical support is organized. In case of any faults data report gets sent straight to the tech assistance, where it’s almost immediately processed. This way surface officer of the submersible vessel can maximally quickly ‘right the ship’.


Actually, no matter what else you mention while talking about the Triton 3300 – a pipe tracking system or an altitude hold, it does deserve loud applause.

- С Explorer 5 is a beautiful sub as well, and it can carry up to 5 people. But now we can get as deep as 1000 meters. It’s a completely new level of research! – Dmitriy notes.