U-Boat Navigator sets off to Kea

And so it begins… Early morning 3d June 2016, at about 6 o’clock, U-Boat Navigator with its crew and Triton subs onboard left port and headed North-East. The weather was lovely and it didn’t take too long for U-Boat Navigator to enter the Aegean Sea.

U-Boat Navigator arrives to Kea island

U-Boat Navigator arrives at Kea island

On Tuesday, 7th June, the vessel already reached the port of Athens, and later that evening – the bay of Kea. The weather at first was checking our intentions as it was really stormy the first night but the next day it started calming down, accepting us at this beautiful place.

Today is the day we performed a check-dive – we went through all the safety and equipment checks before starting the series of dives to HMHS Britannic. After the repetition dive was over, the crew prepared everything for the big day tomorrow!

U-Boat Navigator

This year we are returning to this breathtaking wreck for a couple of reasons – it has almost been 100 years since Britannic met her destiny, and it is very important for us to commemorate this beautiful ship and the courageous crew.

Another reason for our return to Kea – we have reached the final filming stage for the The mystery of Britannic project and now finishing filming the underwater part and the interviews of experts.

More updates on our first dives to the wreck will follow.