Underwater Research Center of RGO on festival in Moscow

From 30th October to 8th November 2015 The Moscow Center Artist House has hosted the II Annual Festival of Russian Geographical Society. This important event plays a huge role in the modern life of Russian Capital, and it is specifically dated for the scholar holidays. Therefore it opens an opportunity to view the unique stands for all the interested audience. The exhibition has attracted many people who are eager for knowledge and new discoveries.

This year the exposition was set up according to the natural zones: Arctic and Tundra zone, Steppe and Subtropical zone, Mountain zone, Forest Zone, Ocean Zone, Sea, and River zone. Each day of the festival was dedicated to the particular theme: Ethnography, Tourism, Expeditions, History, Multiplication, Nature protection and lots more. All week the audience had an opportunity to view the best video materials and documentaries of RGO, participate in the scientific seminars, attend the master class lectures or play some research games.

Although the underwater world and marine research is not yet given its themed location on the festival, some winning photographs of 1st Russian RGO Photography contest, which included more than 25 000 of photographers from all over the world, had some unbelievable underwater shots.

The exposition of U-Boat Malta partners – Underwater Research Center of RGO took a central place of the main hall. The large screen showed the video of the recent underwater research, conducted from the board of U-Boat Navigator. Another visitor attraction included the small ROV “Gnome” floating in the specially made pool with glass walls. Anyone could try it out and remotely control the robot to feel like a real marine scientist and explore the underwater world.